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mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Make a bluetooth speaker, the easy way

How hack a FM receiver to a bluetooth speaker.

I have a penguin FM receiver. But His sensibility is not very good.

I found on ebay a USB Bluetooth audio key. Mhmm It's sound good for a easy hack :)

I remove all connector, USB, and Jack.

Add some wire: power supply (red and blak), on USB pad. Audio, on jack pad (gray-GND, orange-RIGHT, white-LEFT), and the LED (orange and blue)

Now I open my FM penguin, and I remove all active components except the audio amplifier (TDA2822M)

I connect the 2 jack wire (orange-RIGHT, white-LEFT), on the input pad of the pot, with 2x100nF X7R.
The GND bluetooth module is soldered closest to ground power supply of the penguin circuit, to limit interfering noise.

It's a party

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  1. Excellente idée de reconversion de ce récepteur ! J'ai le même à la maison ! ;-) F5RCT