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mardi 21 juin 2016

FT817: LaserBeamFilter from Sotabeams

I installed the Laser Beam filter in SotaBeams on my FT817.
I have make some change from tutorial : remove the switch, no adhesive on speaker, and I use the internal 9V supply.

Some pictures:

Open FT817

Remove switch

Don't forget all 5 screw!

Remove plastic

Add 10nF capacitor

add secondary capacitor

My mod: pick the 9V power supply on C1373 instead of TP1084.
Q1082 Collector, not the Q1082 Emitter
(Blue arrow)

C1373 with red and back wire (9V power supply)
Add yellow wire (narow-wide switch)

yellow wire


don't forget this little piece

Add 2x 200k on the yellow (switch)

remove speaker

reattach speaker

finish and work!

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