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samedi 27 août 2016

MD380 screen backlight hack

The screen backlight of the Tytera MD380 automatically adjusts to ambient light.
It's just 2 resistors and LDR but it's a expert hack.

I have buy Japanese LDR on ebay: 170591651013
Part number is P1241-05

  Open the MD380
On the front Board, between two connectors, you have a little group electronic components.
Remove a 2,2k SMD resistor
which is located between the two transistors.

This is for example a totally black screen when it is in the complete night.
220k =
Slight attenuation of the screen
270k= attenuation of the screen perfect for me
330k= Black screen on the night (see nothing, on the night)

Solder 270k smd resistor instead of the 2,2k

 Add 2,2k resistor

 And wire. LDR and 2,2k in serial.

 Make a 4,5mm hole for the LDR near Speaker and mike

 push the LDR on the hole, glue

 This is the front board with 270k // (2,2k + LDR)
2,2k in serial with LDR
Couple 2,2k and LDR in paralelle with 270k.

Add black adhesive on back side of the LDR (very important)!

MD380 Tytera picture, on the night, with a bad camera.

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